Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Through its corporate governance system, United Bankers Plc seeks to ensure the compliance and transparency of its operations. United Bankers’ corporate governance system is described in the Corporate Governance and Disclosure Policy, approved by United Bankers’ Board of Directors.


In addition to the parent company United Bankers Plc, United Bankers’ consolidation group includes four subsidiaries. These are: UB Asset Management Ltd and UB Corporate Finance Ltd which are asset management companies; UB Fund Management Company Ltd, a fund management company and UB Nordic Forest Management Ltd, a company providing forestry investment solutions.


The company has a strategy approved by the Board of Directors, pursuant to which the company’s business operations are developed, as well as operating principles approved by the Board of Directors for, for example, the company’s risk management, compliance and internal control. In addition to these, the company has numerous other internal guidelines required by law.


In order to ensure that the management’s reliability and competence requirements are met, members of the Board of Directors and members of the Management Team are always assessed for reliability and competence before appointment, as specified in the Financial Supervisory Authority’s regulations and guidelines.


The company’s corporate governance principles and corporate governance system are outlined on this website, including information pursuant to Chapter 7, Section 7 of the Act on Credit Institutions (610/2014) on how United Bankers complies with the provisions of Chapter 7, Sections 1–5 and Chapter 8 of the said Act.