Real Estate

Real Estate

In the fund's investments, we emphasize high-quality and well-located commercial properties with good, solvent tenants. One of the main factors in the selection of properties is also the length of the lease agreement for the holdings.
Jaakko Onali, Portfolio Manager, UB Nordic Property

For investors and asset owners anywhere in the world, a carefully considered balance between global and local Real Estate investments is one of the most important asset allocation decisions.


Owning real estate in your domestic market will have its benefits. Familiarity with the differences between regions and districts as well as economic conditions and the features of the local market will make it easier to make decisions involving a certain degree of investment risk.


On the other hand, economic cycles and market risks can have a stronger impact on returns in one particular geography compared to another. Climate change, demographics, political and geopolitical risks have different effects on each continent, region and country. Prudent investment policy is often expected to include a clear element of diversification. This can be implemented on a global level as well as locally. A variety of geographies and sectors within a Real Estate portfolio can reduce the overall investment risk.


The Real Estate team at UB Asset Management has significant experience and specialist skills to help investors achieve their goals. The team manages strategies globally within liquid and listed Real Estate securities, such as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and other entities that own, and in some cases develop, different types of properties. The team also manages property portfolios in our home markets in the Nordic region, which comprises of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

These capabilities are available only to professional investors in certain countries. Availability may be restricted in some geographies. Please refer to information under the Funds topic on the this website to see which Real Estate strategies are currently accessible in your country.


Fund investments always involve financial risk. The value of an investment in a fund may increase or decrease, and historical returns are not a guarantee of future returns.