IR Calendar and contacts

IR Calendar and contacts

    Investor Contacts

    CEO, United Bankers Plc

    Patrick Anderson +358 9 2538 0236

    Born: 1979
    Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)


    Key employment history:

    United Bankers Plc, CEO, 2010–

    UB Securities Ltd (groups' parent company until 2010), CEO, 2007–2014



    Other positions of trust:

    Stiftelsen Svenska Handelshögskolan, member of the board and the board council, 2020–

    UB Brokerage Ltd, member of the board, 2018–

    UB Asset management Tampere Ltd, member of the board, 2016–

    UB Securities Ltd, chairman of the board, 2014–

    Oy Boda Farm Ab, member of the board, 2012–

    Paadla AS, chairman of the board, 2010–

    Bockholmen Invest Ab, chairman of the board, 2008–

    RGM Holdings Ltd, chairman of the board, 2007–

    UB Kapitalförvaltning Ltd, member of the board, 2007– 


    Investor Relations Manager

    Marjo Åström +358 9 2538 0306

    Investor relations:, tel. +358 (0)9 2538 0323


    Analysts following the company: Inderes, Sauli Vilén, tel. 044 025 8908