Climate Targets

Climate Targets

Pursuing climate-resilient growth

United Bankers' climate efforts contribute to and secure long-term value creation. Our climate objectives are summarised in the Climate Roadmap »


We invest in low-carbon and carbon sequestration solutions and aim to increase the carbon sequestration of our investments to exceed the greenhouse gas emissions of our investments by 2030.


We set our climate targets in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). This will ensure that our operations are aligned with the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement and that we achieve our long-term Net Zero targets by 2040-2050.



We aim to drive real emissions reductions by offering our customers a product range that enables investing in carbon sequestration and the green transition. We believe that providing such investment opportunities is at the core of responsible wealth creation.

Take a look at our products that focus on the green transition and the climate:


United Bankers' forestry funds, UB Timberland and UB Nordic Forest Funds, aim to, through their forestry investments, capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in trees, forest land, and sustainable wood products. In addition, the use of trees grown in the funds' forests can partly replace fossil fuels and fossil-intensive materials. The aim of the funds is to manage forests so that they act as long-term carbon sinks, thereby contributing to climate change mitigation.


Renewable energy has the potential to replace fossil fuel energy sources. UB Renewable Energy Fund invests in wind power, solar power, and innovative renewable energy solutions, especially in Finland. The fund both develops greenfield wind power projects and invests in brownfield renewable energy projects already in operation.

UB Forest Industry Green Growth Fund
is a private equity fund investing in sustainable and resource-efficient forest and bio-based industries. It invests in companies focused on replacing plastics and other fossil-based materials, more efficient use of wood and agricultural raw material side streams, and greater use of these raw materials across a wide range of intermediate and end uses. This way, the fund aims to contribute to climate change mitigation and the green transition.


UB's climate targets and climate roadmap are based on UB's current best estimate and are subject to change without notice. The achievement of these targets and/or their measurement may be affected by the current market situation, data availability, and the development of various indicators, among other things.