Working at UB

The success of United Bankers is based on a first-class customer experience created by professional personnel. The key values guiding the operations of the personnel are customer orientation, agility and team spirit. The personnel of United Bankers form a team in which everyone's expertise and contribution play a significant role in achieving common goals.

We employ more than 130 experts in various positions. We can provide challenging roles for professionals in a variety of fields such as portfolio managers, asset managers, analysts, financial management professionals and IT experts.

Expert and agile

The United Bankers team consists of skilled professionals. The majority of United Bankers’ employees have a university degree. First-class customer experience and the best possible service is one of United Bankers’ core values. That is why the company pays special attention to the competence and development of its personnel. Agility, one of the company’s values, is reflected in everyday life as a positive drive and the personnel’s enthusiasm to keep developing the company's products and services as well as the systems and functions that support them.


Ways to develop competence include learning on the job, sharing competence in the work community, coaching and various courses and workshops. In an expert organization, competence development is based on goal-oriented work and individual development plans. All United Bankers’ employees have development discussions and personal development plans. The goals of the work and personal development plans are regularly reviewed together with the supervisor, and the most suitable methods for developing competence are defined. The strategic goals for the entire organization are presented to the personnel at least three times a year in the strategy morning, the kick-off and the announcement of the results to the personnel.


Diverse and equal

The best team consists of different types of people and skills. Equality, equal treatment and non-discrimination are core values that United Bankers wants to promote as an employer. Equal placement of women and men in different positions is supported and personnel is offered equal opportunities for career advancement at all levels. United Bankers has guidelines and policies to guide equality and equal treatment of personnel.

We take into account both young and more experienced experts. The average age of United Bankers’ employees is 43 years. Age management is regarded in coping and job satisfaction. Age management means good leadership for people of different ages and considering their special needs and life situations. United Bankers employees have the opportunity for flexible working hours and remote work is encouraged. Employees have the right to take time off to care for a sick child. The company also supports workers with families by providing access to care service for a sick child.