UB as employer

Riina Hamrén, HR Director
“United Bankers' corporate culture is a mix of family business traditions and the new structure and way of thinking that follows with growth. One of our values is agility. I am proud of how, in the midst of growth and change, we have succeeded in maintaining our ability to act quickly and avoiding any unnecessarily rigid processes. This can be seen as a positive drive in everyday business and in hands-on- approach at United Bankers.”

Riina Hamrén, HR Director

United Bankers is a company specialising in investment products and services and its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd's main market. The Finnish investment group started its brokerage operations in 1986. Today, the group offers a wide selection of asset management products and services and capital markets services. In asset management, the company specializes in real asset investments.


United Bankers Plc is an independent group owned mainly by key personnel and it represents the few fully Finnish investment firms in operation today.