United Bankers Plc’s auditor is Oy Tuokko Ltd, with Janne Elo, Authorised Public Accountant, as the responsible auditor. Internal auditing is the responsibility of KPMG Oy Ab and the responsible auditor is Harri Leppiniemi.


Statutory auditors review the accuracy of the financial records of the company. The auditors review United Bankers Group’s accounts, financial statements and corporate governance. The auditors verify that the United Bankers Group’s operations are in compliance with the law and that the financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the legislation in force and provide shareholders and other stakeholders with correct and adequate information on United Bankers Group’s performance and financial position.


The objective of internal auditing is to assess the effectiveness and adequacy of United Bankers Group’s internal control and risk management by means of inspections and to report to the management and the Board of Directors on the audits conducted. United Bankers Group does not have a separate internal audit organisation. The company has outsourced internal auditing to KPMG Oy Ab, but the responsibility for organising internal auditing lies with the Board of Directors and CEO.